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I've been playing in role-playing games since I was 12. I'm very happy to be able to write for games that have given me so much happiness.

Keeper's Companion 2

My second sale, an article called Mythos ex Machina published in 2002 for The Keeper's Companion 2, pulled together all the strange devices presented in Chaosium supplements through the years and added new text to them.


A deep one artisan takes captured humans as rest subjects for his strange prosthetics. Each arm and/or leg is crafted from a black, foul-smelling metal of unknown origin. While unable to transmite the sense of touch, the artificial limbs do raise the STR by 1. On the negative side, the metal causes psychic instabilities in the investigator's mind which manifest as horrific nightmares and lead to deep depression. Keepers could reflect this by having the investigator lose 1/1D3 SAN each day the prosthesis is attached to them.

         -1920s, "Songs of Fantari," Fatal Experiments.

                                              Gregory W. Detwiler.

Keeper's Companion

My first professionally published work was an examination of some 40 books of occult lore for Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. The article was printed in The Keeper's Companion in 2000 and can be found at Chaosium. An example of the text reads like this:

In French, by Alphonse Cahgnet, 1848, not in print in English as of 1995-2000.
Written by a French cabinetmaker interested in the utterances of people in trance states, he was very thorough in recording an analysis of their words. Most of this book deals with the different spheres and the intangible spirits that dwell within them. At later dates, two volumes were added to the collection concerning communication with the dead, clairvoyance, and the description of and cure for diseases. No Sanity loss; Occult +1 percentile. No spells.